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Children, Youth and Adult Speakers
We offer funny, clever and creative speakers that know how to reach out to an audience- while keeping scripture in the forefront. We can match our speakers to your groups needs or you can choose a specific speaker and suggest a topic for them to work with. 

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James Rock
James has spent most of his life goofing around with campers and summer staff in his camping ministries. His life has been dedicated to presenting the life-changing message of Jesus, while also encouraging youth to step up in their walks. Promoting the understanding that anyone- absolutely anyone that dares to follow Jesus exchanges a dull routine life for an amazingly unique life that has an effect on the world around them.
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Rob Jacobson
Rob has a passion for young people and Jesus that canít be missed. He specializes with teens, both junior high and high school, and is not afraid to talk about the things teenagers are thinking and questioning. He is passionate, animated and articulate with Godís truth bringing it to students through their eyes.
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Speakers and Musicians Contact/Booking
If you are interested in a speaker please include the date, type of audience and event you are planning, let us know if you are interested in a particular speaker or any information that would help us to match our people to your event.

Please contact if you are interested in one of our speakers.

Infused Ministries Speakerís Promise
We want you to know what our speakers agree to do in order to work at infused. Yes, itís a long list- but we expect a lot of our people so you can have the same level of expectation!

- to share the life changing message of Jesus
     - we will clearly communicate the Gospel
- to teach Biblical Truths
     - we will not allow Biblical text become a side point
     - we will teach Biblical narrative - not random verses we found in our concordance
- to have fun and be creative with your group
     - we know dull and dry doesnít cut it with Gen Y or anyone for that matter
     - we will not bring the same old presentation- weíve heard it before too
- to challenge your audience
     - we will present the audience with teaching that demands a response
     - we will offer creative solutions, not just recite rules and judgments
- to hold Gen Y in the highest regards
     - we know this generation is going to change the world and we treat them that way
- to interact with the audience throughout the retreat
     - we love to play and hang out with your group throughout the event
     - we will never stand behind a t-shirt booth
- to be realistic with our fees
     - we do this to get the message that is on our heart to an audience, not to cash checks  

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