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Rob Jacobson
Rob has a passion for young people and Jesus that canít be missed. He specializes with teens, both junior high and high school, and is not afraid to talk about the things teenagers are thinking and questioning. He is passionate, animated and articulate with Godís truth bringing it to students through their eyes. 
Rob has over 10 years of experience working with teens and speaks more than 100 times a year at conferences, retreats, schools, camps, youth groups, churches and benefits. He has spoken to groups ranging from 10 to 1000 and varying in ages from young children to older adults. 

Two complements always come back to Rob after speaking. The first is his storytelling ability. He uses personal stories that make teens laugh and cry and point to Godís truth. The second is his genuine interest in each student that he meets. Students say he cares, he asks questions about my life and he knows my name. 
Currently a pastor to students in Minnesota, Rob enjoys the short summers by racing triathlons, camping, and relaxing with his family. Ask him about spandex, superheroes, or his kids and youíre sure to have a memorable conversation.

Some of Robís topics include: 
_Friendship (how to make Godly ones)
_Running the race (spiritual life/physical life)
_Look out! (distractions from following Jesus)
_Jesus, the ultimate Superhero
_Spiritual warfare
_Image/identity in Christ

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