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Worship Leaders and Bands
We have several talented worship leaders and bands that know how to bring an audience into worship. We can help match your groups needs and expectations with the unique styling of our musicians.

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Elizabeth Hunnicutt  |  website
Elizabeth Hunnicutt's talent as a musician and worship leader is coupled beautifully with her gift of crafting a song in her unique blend of piano-driven acoustic-pop-rock.  Over the past few years, her career has been quietly gaining momentum as she has been eagerly sought after to perform in various settings for a wide variety of audiences.  For years, she has been touching a broad range of people with her music, performing at churches, colleges, coffeehouses, retreats, and conferences.  In late 2003, Elizabeth released her self-titled debut album, and September 2005 saw the release of her highly-anticipated second project, Finding Me Here.  In addition to her busy performance schedule, Elizabeth also serves as Associate Worship Pastor at Eagle Brook Church.  With the passion of an artist and a worship leader, all of the opportunities and recognition that
Elizabeth has received allow her to live out what is on her heart: to encourage others with sincerity and honesty and to convey her desire for intimacy with her Creator, to love and be loved by Him.

Jon Oney Band  |  website
The Jon Oney Band exists to provide an alternative sound to a multifaceted world.  From roots in modern rock, British rock, pop, and jazz, this group puts on an energetic show with a positive message for all ages. The chance to change the world through music is a passion the Jon Oney Band is not going to ignore. They provide support through music to people facing many of life's challenges.  Their music is an alternative to a world without alternatives. Their Vision is to have Their music be a source of hope, moving people in all situations to a deeper understanding of faith. 

Speakers and Musicians Contact/Booking
If you are interested in a musician or band please include the date, type of audience and event your planning, also include if youíre interested in a particular band or musician or any information that would help us to match our people to your event.

Please contact if you are interested in one of our musicians.

Infused Ministries Worship Leaders and Bands Promise
We want you to know what our worship leaders and band agree to do in order to work at Infused Ministries. Yes, itís a long list- but we expect a lot of our people so you can have the same level of expectation!

- to find the proper balance between leading worship and being a artist/band
     - we will meet the needs and suggestions of leadership in this area
     - we recognize the difference between and place for worship and concert/performance
- to lead and facilitate worship
     - we will use music to uplift the audience to our Lord and Savior
     - we will find creative ways to interact with the audience with prayer and verse
     - we understand we are not "speaking," but are support to the speaker/event
     - we will seek out ways to support the speaker and their message
- to share the life changing message of Jesus
- to meet your audience where they are at
     - we will only suggest musicians that excel in musical styling that fit your audience
- to not overwhelm the audience with volume
     - we will have the volume when itís time to rock the place
- to have fun with your group
- to be creative
- to challenge your audience
- to hold Gen Y in the highest regards
     - we will always talk up, never down to them
     - we know this generation will change the world and we treat them that way
- to interact with the audience throughout the retreat
     - we will be there for your group both from the stage and throughout the retreat
- to be realistic with our fees
     - we do this to get the song thatís on our heart to an audience, not to cash checks
     - we will never stand behind our t-shirt booth  

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