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James Rock
James has spent most of his life goofing around with campers and summer staff in his camping ministries. His life has been dedicated to presenting the life-changing message of Jesus, while also encouraging youth to step up in their walks. Promoting the understanding that anyone- absolutely anyone that dares to follow Jesus exchanges a dull routine life for an amazingly unique life that has an effect on the world around them. 

Increasingly over the last few years, James has been blessed with the opportunity to take his over the top style, and out of the box attitude on the road, speaking to youth, college groups, colleges, and adult events inside and outside of the camp setting. He would love to help you out with your next event. 

Within any presentation format or setting, James promises:
- to teach Biblical Truths through Biblical characters and narrative
- to share the life changing message of Jesus
- to have fun and be creative with your group
- to include the audience in hands on teaching moments
- to challenge your audience
- to hold Gen Y in the highest regards
- to interact with participants throughout the retreat
- to care more spending time with the audience then the t-shirt booth
- to be realistic with fees

Topics Include:  
Youth and College Events
The Sky Opened and God Fell Out (The Life of Timothy)
Walking Away from Christianity (Learning to Follow Jesus- through Paul & Timothy’s life)
Waking Up Dead (Soldier, Athlete, Farmer Passage in Second Timothy)
Competitive Dating (Focusing on what’s important in dating)
20 Reasons You’re Better then Me (Why Gen Y is better off then Gen. X)
What You Need to Know About Your Parents
Suggested Topics

Adult Events
Understanding your Gen Y kids
20 Reasons why Gen Y Changes the World
The "Love Languages" (Team taught with his wife, Elizabeth)
Why am I in ministry again?
Many CCCA Camping, Programming and Youth Leadership Topics Available
Suggested Topics

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