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In·fused  \in-fyoozd\  1: to be permeated with something  
2: to be filled with a strong emotion such as enthusiasm or desire  
3: when new subject matter is added into a curriculum  
4: to have a sense of purpose that infuses research

Great teachers permeate their lessons with the word of God. Great speakers know how to bring enthusiasm into a room through creating fun and exciting moments that blur the line between speaker and audience. Great authors add something new to the story. Great leaders are able to infuse a new vision by using every resource available to create the moment when change becomes obtainable.

Infused Ministries offers:

Children, Youth and Adult Speakers
We offer funny, clever and creative speakers that know how to reach out to an audience- while keeping scripture in the forefront. We can match our speakers to your groups needs or you can choose a specific speaker and suggest a topic for them to work with. 

Worship Leaders and Bands  
We have several talented worship leaders and bands that know how to bring an audience into worship. We can help match your groups needs and expectations with the unique styling of our musicians.

Camping, Children and Youth Group Curriculums 
COMING SOON - We will have a large data base of creative curriculums for Camps, Grade School Programs, Jr. High and Sr. High Youth Groups, and Adults Bible Studies. We will have what you need for nearly any type of group study setting.

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Journaling Tools  
We have several innovative and unique journaling tools that you can download for group or personal use.


COMING SOON- We will have all kinds of creative and powerful messages through video and other forms of media.

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